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There's been some VERY exciting thing's happining since I last updated this page. So much so, that I had to archive all my old Quake stuff.  

So what's the news? TEXAS COMBAT CREW

Yes, me and five of my good friends started a gaming clan. A Battlefield 1942, Desert Combat CTF clan to be more specific. We have a server located at

I needed to update this page with this link.....

Half-day Friday LAN Party

This page is now officially outdated.  You see, I spend more time playing BattleField 1942 than Quake.   Don't get me wrong - I still play Quake3.  But if I've got more than just a few minutes to play - I'd rather play BattleField 1942.  ....Yes, that's

If you've never played - it's a BLAST!  We laughed our asses off at my most recent LAN party.  We had several newbies to it- but everyone had a blast!  BattleField 1942 has something for everyone. Do you like first person shooters like Quake or CounterStrike?  Yeah, that's the core of this game (set in World War II).  But it's so much more than just a first person shooter.  You like flying planes?  That's in the game.  You can also drive tanks, or jeeps or boats - and I'm not just talking some tiny boat here.  I'm talking aircraft carrier - with other players taking off in fighter planes from the deck while even more man the anti-aircraft guns.  Just about any vehicle that you could imagine in a W.W.II setting is in this game.  And hey, if you just want to camp out on a hill hiding behind some bushes and snipe enemy troops - go ahead!  As many as 62 - yes SIXTY TWO - people can play together - the maps are HUGE.  I play on-line whenever I get the chance - and I've seen - hell - I've BEEN IN some amazing battles.

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