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I needed to update this page with this link.....

Half-day Friday LAN Party

This page is now officially outdated.  You see, I spend more time playing BattleField 1942 than Quake.   Don't get me wrong - I still play Quake3.  But if I've got more than just a few minutes to play - I'd rather play BattleField 1942.  ....Yes, that's

If you've never played - it's a BLAST!  We laughed our asses off at my most recent LAN party.  We had several newbies to it- but everyone had a blast!  BattleField 1942 has something for everyone. Do you like first person shooters like Quake or CounterStrike?  Yeah, that's the core of this game (set in World War II).  But it's so much more than just a first person shooter.  You like flying planes?  That's in the game.  You can also drive tanks, or jeeps or boats - and I'm not just talking some tiny boat here.  I'm talking aircraft carrier - with other players taking off in fighter planes from the deck while even more man the anti-aircraft guns.  Just about any vehicle that you could imagine in a W.W.II setting is in this game.  And hey, if you just want to camp out on a hill hiding behind some bushes and snipe enemy troops - go ahead!  As many as 62 - yes SIXTY TWO - people can play together - the maps are HUGE.  I play on-line whenever I get the chance - and I've seen - hell - I've BEEN IN some amazing battles.

Wow.....it's been over a year since I've updated this page. Looks like I should change my main navigation bar - seeing as how the 'Quake' button is a little outdated now....especially if I'm only going to update this page every year or so.

Ya see - now that I have a child - I just don't have as much time to devote to Quake (imagine that!). I still play when I get the chance - and still attend LAN parties (when I have permission from the other half) ...and I'm still a member of the Tejaz Clan...but ...well, anyway ....in an attempt to bring this page up-to-date....here's a link to pictures and screenshots from the LAN party I just hosted at my place:

Summer 2002 LAN Party

02/21/01 ..
If you haven't seen the Fish PC yet - you gotta ckeck it out - click the pic below for more info!

Click for more!

09/11/00 morning..(updated 11/20/00...
OMG!  ...look at how long this page has gone neglected!  ..sorry..   Here's links to all the Quake related stuff I've posted lately.

November GOR

Fragtoberfest LAN party

TJZ LAN 2000

June 2000 GOR

April 2000 GOR

06/27/00 evening
Hehe - I just noticed the screenshot posted on 3/11/00 - 24fps.  Yuck - sure am glad I've replaced my processor since then.  ...see what a PIII 700 can do for ya!  ...and that's with a cloud of gibs too!

fps_demo.jpg (89351 bytes)

03/20/00 8:52am
If you are looking for the St. Frag-rick day LAN Party pics or screenshots  - GO HERE.

03/11/00 3:42pm
Just messing around on the Tejaz public server last nigt.  It's been a while since I've had time to just 'play'.  Here's the highlight of the night for me.

q3_031000.jpg (138682 bytes)


Another successful Gib-O-Rama for the record books!   For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, the Gib-O-Rama is Houston's largest monthly LAN party.  What is a LAN party?  Well, a LAN party is just like any other party - except that everyone brings their PC.  We hook them all up together, forming a Local Area Network (LAN).  Then we play games till our fingers bleed - sounds fun doesn't it?

02GOR_A.jpg (59869 bytes)
This is where it all takes place - the Pearland Lions Club


02GOR_B.jpg (69438 bytes)
Everyone setting up their PC's and checking the configuration


02GOR_C.jpg (60712 bytes)
It's not easy running Houston's largest LAN party - and Greenlee does a great job - thanks Greenlee!!


02GOR_D.jpg (62346 bytes)
The room is filling up, and people are beginning to play - so how about some screenshots!


02gor_sc01.jpg (60132 bytes)
A little warm up game.  I think 'Frosty Da Clown' was actually B-nut


02gor_sc02.jpg (95715 bytes)
At this point I was thinking "damn, I'm gonna kick some ass today!"


02gor_sc03.jpg (78146 bytes)
Not real fair teams - but Toxy counts as two people anyway     ;-)


02GOR_F.jpg (58347 bytes)
A full house at the Gib-O-Rama.  I think there were around 60 players at this event


02GOR_G.jpg (61073 bytes)
Tsunami sports the latest in 'id wear'


02gor_sc04.jpg (80638 bytes)
Another 'just for fun' CTF game


The first Tournament was the 5on5 Team DeathMatch.  I was on a team with Essobie, subbie, Moridin and Grim Reaper.  I felt like we had the best team - and a real good shot at a gold medal.  The first match we played was a blowout - we won 150ish to 90 something.  The second match was a little closer, and if I remember correctly, we pulled off a 'come from behind' victory.   The 3rd match was also close - but again we were victorious and that put us in the finals.  Being undefeated, we only had to win one out of two games to win the gold medal.  Well, our team did loose both games in the finals - and had to settle for 2nd place in the team DM tourney.  I was not at all happy with how I played - as you can see from the screenshots below.

02GOR_I.jpg (30860 bytes)
Essobie was our captain for the team DM tourney


02gor_sc05.jpg (71104 bytes)
One of our early victories


02gor_sc06.jpg (79920 bytes)
And this is the heartbreaking last game - we lost by ONE frag


02GOR_H.jpg (55005 bytes)
Tsunami gloats over his Team DM victory


After the Team DM tourney - we broke for dinner.  Ram, subbie, Zodraz and I went to Casa Ole for Tex-Mex and Beer (ok - me and Ram were the only ones drinking).  It was a nice break....but I don't think it did much to improve my quake game (not that it was any good to begin with).  When we got back everyone started the big 'stress test' 30on30 team DM.  I was surprised at how smooth it was with 60 people in the same map - here are some screenshots.

02gor_sc07.jpg (95294 bytes)

02gor_sc08.jpg (77238 bytes)

02gor_sc09.jpg (57974 bytes)
Hehehe - of course I had to get a screenshot of that!


The second tournament of the day was the 'ball and chain'.  This is where they take the best player and team him up with the worst player, and the 2nd best player teams up with the 2nd worst player and so on.   I played SO BAD in this tourney that I didn't even take any screenshots.  I don't think it had anything to do with those beers I had with dinner - I really don't - but I have no other excuses so that's what I'm gonna use.  Anyway, here are the final screenshots and pictures.

02gor_sc10.jpg (69043 bytes)
Some post-tourney FFA fun.     Tsunami - someday I will get my revenge!


02gor_sc11.jpg (79058 bytes)

02GOR_J.jpg (49666 bytes)
SuperTech and Toxy keep playing and playing and playing.....
Hmmmm, maybe that has something to do with why they are so good.

Here's a bunch of old Quake2 stuff.


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