September 2000


09/17/00 11:40pm
Last night I had the great pleasure of seeing 'A Perfect Circle' at the Aerial Theatre.  I even managed to get some pictures!   Here's a tease - the rest, and my commentary can be found HERE.

APC_02.jpg (49063 bytes)

09/08/00 11:45pm
It's late Friday night.  Jacqui is asleep and I'm finishing some work (better now than get  up early Saturday morning). 

HEY!!  We had our first look at the baby!   Oh my God - it was amazing!  The baby was moving around - waving it's arms, opening and closing it's mouth.  I was so surprised to see it so active this early (3months).  Here is the baby's first picture ever.

sonogram01.jpg (36348 bytes)

What?  You can't tell that's a baby?  Trust me, if you could have seen it move around like I did - there was no mistaking it.'s the second picture ever taken - the image is reversed from the one above - but you can see the baby relaxing - laying back and enjoying the attention.

sonogram02.jpg (30778 bytes).


If you still can't see the baby - here's the 1st pic and I drew an outline around the baby.

sonogram01_extra.jpg (38693 bytes)


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