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September    1999

9/23/99 6:21am

It's Thursday morning - and way past time to catch y'all up on all the excitement of the past several days.  First - we had our Tejaz Clan LAN party this past weekend.   YEAH BABY!  It was a blast!  BigRob and I drove to Dallas Friday afternoon.  It only took about 3 hours (in the new 300ZX) fast was I going?   You do the math.  Anyway, we arrived at K2 & Taco's place around 5:00 and got to meet some of our clan brothers.....K2, Vertigo, Raptor, H&K40.  From there we went to Razzoo's Cajun Restaurant and met even more clan brothers and sisters....Cartman, Bad Attitude, Blue88, Makizmo, Sinny.  Dinner and drinks were great - gave everyone a chance to chat. 

Saturday was the LAN.  Awwww Yeah!   K2 had rented a conference room at the Hampton Inn.  1st class way to have a party folks....everything was top notch.  Here's a couple pics from the LAN (I've posted more on the Quake Stuff page).

TJZ_LAN5.jpg (52343 bytes)
From left to Right:  FrgMstr, SunKing (that's me), BigRob, Bad Attitude and Sinny


TJZLAN.jpg (49543 bytes)

We wrapped up the LAN around 7:30pm.   Everyone put away their PC's and changed into their party clothes, because we had a limo to catch!  At 9:00 everyone scrunched into the 14 person stretch limousine...let me see if I can list 'em all.  Raptor was squished at the driver side up against the bar, next to him was...Cartman, I think.  Then Bluee88, Makizmo, H&K40.   Then the limo was graced with the beauty of Sinny and Bad Attitude.  I had the best seat in the limo - with BA on my left and Vert's wife on my right.   She sat next to Vertigo and I think...Deguello, K2 (on the floor) and BigRob sitting proud in the rear seat perfecting his pimping techniques.   

We toured the highways of Dallas...eventually landing in Deep Ellum (sp?).  First stop - a biker bar for beer and billiards.  While HK and I played our game, BigRob and K2 went to scout for the next bar.  They picked a '5 club in 1' kinda deal - it was packed.  The music was pumpin' the drinks were flowing and people were dancing everywhere.  We stayed there until...later...sometime...and then...somehow... hooked back up with the kids (Cartman, Rap, Blue and Mak are all under 21).  I'm excited to see some of the pictures people took that night - after Deep Ellum the limo took us to a fountain/courtyard...everyone was climbing over stuff and just being silly (imagine that).

On Sunday, I think there were some people (not me of course) who were a in the face.  I didn't see anyone get sick or anything - but I know when Taco broke out his super wonderful BBQ chicken and burgers - there were many happy tummies.

9/15/99 6:56pm

It's coming!    This weekend!   In Dallas!!  The TEJAZ CLAN LAN PARTY!!  I won't say much - I don't want to jinx anything - but let me just say this: Conference room at the Hampton Inn and 14 person stretch limo!!    Oh Yeah! 

9/14/99 4:35pm

Tuesday afternoon.........hello web world.  What little bit of my life shall I share with you's funny, ya know, trying to decide 'how' to write...and 'what' to write because ..well because EVERYONE can read it...your friends, your co-workers, your parents, your wife, your wife's parents.   I mean...I know most people don't care about the scores from the most recent LAN party...and my friends don't want bandwidth sucked up by pictures of my brother's baby...and I just realized I put the exact date and time in every post and my boss might say 'gosh, Brad sure does get home from work early'. 

OK - with that little bit of incriminating evidence out of the way - what did I do this weekend?  Well, let's see - Friday we rented a couple movies ('Varsity Blues' and 'Mercury Rising'...if you have to choose between the two - go for Varsity Blues).  Saturday was the Gib-O-Rama!  YEAH BABY YEAH! 

I got spanked in the 1on1 'expert' tourney (that is to say - I did not win)'s a double elimination.  I lost the first match against B-Nut (who won 2nd place)...the score was a humbling 0-10.  Second round loss to Anakin was close, 3-4.  I *think* I would have won that match had it not been for my crappy new mouse....thought I could make myself get used to it ..but the damn thing is just too big....whine whine.   The gib was fun - of course - played in the QPong tourney also.  Did better in that - won a couple of rounds...but lost in the quarter finals...I think.  Also played some Half Life Counter Strike - and that was pretty cool.  Amazing realism.   It's great seeing all the fine folks that come to the GIB....really a good group of guys.  Oops - there was one girl at the GIB - and she whined every time she was killed.   'That's SO annoying' she would say.  Gave women players a bad name.  Anyway - wanted to give shout outs to Ram, Angulimala, SuperTech, Grond, Crackbaby, lull, Incubus, Tsunami and all the other 'SunKing' LAN party attendees that I saw at the GIB.  Usually BigRob would be in that list - but he had family stuff to do that day.

OK - back to talking about my weekend - you remember...c'mon now....stay with me.  Sunday - Sunday we went to my folks to celebrate my brother's 400th...oops I meant 40th birthday.  Old man Bill.  Over the hill at 40.  Anyway - Bill and Ilonka (yes I did spell it wrong earlier and I'm too lazy to go fix it) and Jacqui and I went to my folks for dinner.  Homemade fried shrimp!  MMMmmm MMMmmmm.   

9/09/99 4:38pm

OOOOoooo...the dreaded 9/9/99.   Looks like cyberspace is holding up quite nicely today as far as I can tell.

Hey - I've added a new page to my site.  It's devoted to the #1 game in the world - Quake!  More specifically - it'll be where I post screenshots of my latest matches, various TEJAZ CLAN news and any other Quake related stuff.   If you've never experienced the thrill and excitement this game offers - you are TRULY missing out. 

9/02/99 4:57pm

Today, at 9:45am, I became an Uncle.  Yes, another Berryman has come into the world - William Otway Berryman III.  He weighed in at 8 lbs., 11.5 oz.   Pretty hefty kid.  I was at work when I got the call.  Well, actually, I knew Alonka (gosh I  hope I spelled that right) was in the hospital this morning before work - but nothing was supposed to happen until late this afternoon or even tomorrow.  Well, William the Third had other plans.  He decided it was time...and so *poof* there was the baby. 

Now, if you really believe it was that simple - I've got some stock I'd like to sell you.  What really happened was, well - short version - the labor came harder/faster than expected - and at one point the baby's heart rate began to drop.  There were also some concerns about how the chord was around the baby's neck.  Yikes.  Anyway, a C-section was performed and *poof* there was the baby. 

Anyway, I got the call from Bill (my bro) around 10:00am - drove to the hospital and met him as he was going to put more money in the parking meter (a little too late - he'd already gotten a ticket).  From there we went back to the room where my Dad (now known as Pops), and Mom (not sure what were gonna call the old Grandma yet...hehe) and the 'new' mother were all recovering.   My Mom really is excited about the first Grandchild.  Alonka looked remarkably lucid for being as drugged up as she was...she got all the good ones - was still numb from the neck down almost.  But she was pretty sober - in shock probably.  I know I would be.

We Ohhhh'ed and Ahhhhh'ed over the new baby.  We could only look at him from behind the glass maternity ward - but he was right up against the window so you could see it all.  Pink Baby. 

Alonka's brother Larz (the other uncle - probably spelled his name wrong too) showed up not long after I did.   Of course we had to Ohhh and Ahhh over the baby again.  Soon thereafter Alonka's parents also arrived - which - you guessed it - meant we all went and Ohhh'ed and Ahhh'ed one more time (I admit it - he was SOOOO cute).  We opened Champagne and toasted to the newest addition to  the family.  Video cameras everywhere. 

Poor Alonka can't eat until, like, tomorrow....but damn it was lunch time and I was hungry.  So we all trotted off to Buterra's Deli for sandwiches and salads.  I'm sure Alonka passed out when we left.   When we got back, Bill discovered he'd gotten another parking ticket.  So much for his theory that once you get one - you're safe for the rest of the day.  OHHH - forgot to mention - William the Third will be known as 'Trey'.  Get it?  ...the third...Trey...   That's ok - it took me a second too.

Congratulations Bill and Alonka!!   And best of luck to you - little Trey!



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