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Double B Ranch 2022 - Dipping Pool Deck and other stuff (part 2)





OK - as of the 2nd weekend in August 2022, four sections of deck are complete, and the 5th is framed and ready for deck boards.






The dipping pool deck is looking good!
I just wish it wasn't so dry - the drought of 2022 was pretty harsh




Starting to deck the 5th section





While not everything is perfect, I'm proud of the work I've done.







Ohh Yeah~!





Add 'cleaning up the work site' to the list of things to do.





The sun sets on another productive day at the Double B Ranch




I see you!
This is a coach whip snake, which in non-venomous




And finally, in mid-August, the heavens opened and blessed the hill country with rain




When I returned to the ranch the last weekend in August, it was amazing to see everything 'green up' almost overnight.
And there was still standing water in some places...




...like around this feeder.
Ugg, that's gonna be a mess trying to fill.



The grass is starting to recover









Here's how I managed to fill the feeder without getting super muddy





The 5th section of deck is complete, and I'm working on the 6th




I try to be in the deer blind at least once a day while I'm at the ranch.
I keep a deer inventory as part of my agricultural exemption, and shoot any feral hogs I see





In the first weekend of September 2022, I was joined by Jacqui, Austin, Lauren and her boyfriend Trey





We visited Bills place where we took this picture - and as far as I know - I'm the only one with my eyes open





It was good they were there so they could help me load up the old table and chairs...





...and help put together the new table and chairs.




I love having help - thanks guys!




Lauren is a happy worker.






Ta Da!
I think Jacqui did a great job picking it out - looks perfect in the space






It is a nice improvement over the set that was left with the house.




And HEY - Another dipping pool party!!






A selfie at sunset - cute!






I approve




Breakfast at the Double B Ranch





Thanks for making the long drive out there - I really do love it when family and friends are able to enjoy the ranch




Two weeks after having the family there, I was back at the ranch by myself, anxious to get that darn deck finished.
That's a lot of lumber.



I got a new feeder to replace the one that broke





...and I moved the broken feeder back to the barn to be repaired




That doesn't look right...
But it is




I did not want to build the deck over the watering trough....




...so that's why it has a weird shape.




Just relax and don't worry 'bout it.





Yes, it sure has greened up since the rains





Jacqui and I also came back on the October 7th weekend - and started it off with TWO bangs!
I was proud of my double kill using a bolt action rifle.
Got the 1st one at the feeder, and the 2nd as it was running away.

While I was dealing with these hogs, I could hear a helicopter flying close by.
I thought maybe someone was trapping, then I heard all the shots.
Hunting hogs from helicopters is on my short list of fun things to do.




And for the first time since I started, I got some help with the deck.
Shoot, I wish that cute cowgirl would help more often!







Jacqui's friend Kathy joined us, and we saw Roger Craiger at The Station in Harper.










The girls also went into Fredericksburg to tour the wineries
The Rhinory - ha - cute!








The last weekend in October 2022, and while the dipping pool looks great, the weather has cooled off so I doubt there will be any swimming




Hey, that's a nice looking buck!





Another hog bites the dust





Finally, getting ready for the stairs.
I went back and forth on the design - from grandiose to what you see here - simple steps





I wanted to stairs to be hidden from sight as much as possible - so that is why they are on the 'back side' of the cistern.





You can see I had to 'sister' two runners together to get the length I needed.
I supported those joints with 4x4 supports



Yep, that'll work





Hey - stairs!




OK - we are damn near done with the deck
.....feels like I've been working on this for almost a year now.....ause I have been!




...just a little bit more...
I can do this.



Time to call it a day.




Everything is looking good this morning - it's a beautiful day to get some work done.





This is how everything looked as of the first weekend in November 2022.
With the exception of a few tiny things - the deck is DONE




The chemicals still look great




Time to clean up!
The Polaris could barely hold all the scraps.





The dipping pool deck is (almost) DONE~!~!
I can now start on the deck railing - which should go pretty quick
After that I'm going to level the area and put down some artificial grass
...but that's for another time.
Y'all come back now!




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