My family has been skiing at Crested Butte, Colorado since ....forever it seems.  Here's a few pics of us skiing there in 1994. HAHAHAHA - I'm wearing the SAME HAT!!  OK, it's true - I need a new hat.  It's just SO comfortable and warm. I've never been able to find one that covers my ears as well... ohh...this is embarrassing. Well, I have some even older pictures from Crested Butte - way back when I had hair - I should scan a few of those...hehehe.

Anyway, This year's story is a little complicated. My parents had originally planned for me, my brother, and both our families to go (10 people).  As the date neared, our plans changed at the last minute. Anyway, it was a big mess.  Thankfully, Jacqui and I were able to reschedule. On a whim, I told my buddy Jay and he was able to join us at the last minute. Yippee!! It worked out GREAT.


Lauren is ready to board the plan to Colorado.



Our first dinner in Crested Butte.






OK - day 1.   We are dropping Lauren off in Ski School

Claire gets ready for school too.



This picture more accurately portrays the craziness that is Ski School check-in.



After all that, Jacqui wasn't in the mood to take any more pictures.


FINALLY!  We've dropped off the kid, and we are at the TOP of the mountain.



What a VIEW!!!!


I'm pretty sure this was taken at the top of Paradise lift....our last picture from day #1


Day #2 - Jay and Sherrie spend some time with Claire at the Ski School.



Lauren almost runs someone over as she heads off to class....






Day #2, and I'm still fat.  
Seriously, I think I got altitude sickness. I couldn't eat much of anything until day #4 and I lost 5 pounds over the trip.
But here, on Day #2, it's obvious I can still live comfortably off my own fat.



Well look what we have here - JAY IS ON THE MOUNTAIN!!
Well, I shouldn't joke - we spent more time skiing than taking pictures.



I love this picture .... wish I was back there right now.


It's the end of day #2, and Jay's family must return home the next day.   Booooo....
For our 'Final Blowout' we take the shuttle down into town for pizza with the kids.



After an hour and a half wait in the bar, we finally get seated.
Do we look drunk? Naaaa!


Despite the long wait - the girls really did well...



..and the older girls too!




Awwww... another cute picture!



Jacqui is thinking "where is that damn pizza?"



I think the girls are about to fall asleep.
Well, the pizza finally did show up, but I could only eat a half slice.


Day #3 - Jacqui and Lauren ride the Peach Tree Lift to the top of the bunny slope.



YEAH BABY - Look who's riding THE BIG LIFT!!


DAY #4 - our last day.  I was determined to take lots of pictures.








After a couple warm-up runs, Lauren rides the Red Lady lift up the BIG MOUNTAIN!



I couldn't be any more happy than I was at this moment.





I hate to admit this - I brought my video camera - but forgot film. Well, I knew I needed a new tape, but figured I'd just pick it up there. My mistake. I should have known Crested Butte wouldn't have any mini-DV tapes. Well, so ...I did my best to capture Lauren's 3rd ski trip to Crested Butte with my tiny digi-cam. Below are a few you should enjoy.


CLICK HERE to see Lauren get stuck on a flat spot <-- the longest clip....with the least action.

CLICK HERE TO SEE HOW FAST SHE CAN GO!!! <--gotta watch close to even see her!



One last picture on the mountain....



...and the official "family on the fireplace" picture you must take before you leave.
Too bad Austin wasn't able to come with us.



The morning of Day #5   Looks like nice weather for our trip home


Say good-bye to the sleepy town of Crested Butte.



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