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Like most (older) folks from Texas, I grew up around guns and I was taught gun safety at an early age. While we went hunting occasionally, it wasn't something we did a lot, so we didn't have a big arsenal of guns at our house when I was growing up. My dad had a couple shotguns and a .22 rifle. The very first gun I purchased was a small AMT.380 handgun I got way back in '88 when I moved into my first apartment. That was it for me for a long while. It wasn't until 2012, when talks of another 'assault weapons' ban started happening that I decided I'd better get that that AR-15 I'd been looking at before the chance was gone. Well, that was like the dam breaking open - it wasn't long before I'd purchased several 9mm handguns - S&W, Glock, Taurus. I also got my CHL license (now called LTC). I 'm honored to pass down the gun safety rules to my kids, and make sure they understood and respect the firearms we have. We've enjoyed many fun days at the range. Both Lauren and Austin are a really good shot - Jacqui...she's ok too.

It wasn't too long ago that I started looking at old military rifles and pistols. ...and I guess I could sit here any type out my entire history of collecting - but let's just jump to the pictures. Today is April 26, 2019 - I just updated the Turkish K.Kale page, and I'll be making more updates to this page as time goes along!



1890 German Danzig Gewehr 88/05 Commission Rifle 8mm

1941 Italian Carcano Moschetto TS converted to 8mm

1943 German BYF K98K 8mm

1944 Turkish 8mm Mauser Ankara K Kale

August 1944 US M1 Garand

1954/55 US M1 Garand

1976 Yugoslovian SKS 7.62x39

Dad's 12 gauge

AR-15 (7.62)

AR-15 (.308)

Mossberg 12 guage pump

German StG 44 (modern reproduction)

Zastava N-PAP Underfolder AK 7.62x39




1917 German DWM Luger 9mm

1943 German P38 BYF 9mm

AMT .380

S&W M&P Shield 9mm

Glock 19 9mm

Glock ?? 9mm

Taurus 1911 9mm

.22 (two for Austin)







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