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This was my 4th time attending the Houston Arcade Expo, and the first time I did not bring a game. The previous time I went (2018), I jacked up my back moving the 200lb+ Genie pinball machine. This year I wanted to just relax and enjoy the show. And what a great show it was!! The Arcade Expo is always fun, and this year just seemed to top it off. It's a lot more than 100's of arcade games on free play, it's the bands, the DJ's, the people, the PARTY!!

In fact, I was enjoying the party so much I didn't take as many pictures as I normally would - but fear not - there are plenty - Enjoy!


Where are all the people?



It's easy to tell the pictures that I took Thursday night - lights are on and everyone is setting up.




Setting up includes play-testing right?




How'd that get here?





Marco, Stern and Joystix brought all the newest pinball machines





Bond was JUST released, and had early code.





Rush and Led Zeppelin were also there.




But THIS is the game I remember.
It's a rare Bally game from 1981, and I'd never played it before.
The game was beautifully restored and played great.





I did spent some time on the new releases from Stern.
In case you don't know - the new pinball machines have a QR code scanner that allows you to login with your phone and track your progress as a player.
This leader-board is set up for the Arcade Expo - so you can see how your scores stack up against the other players.
My player ID is SunKing, and I'm #3 on Godzilla, and #7 on Zeppelin....for now. This was Friday night.



Yep - Friday night the lights were on Party Mode, the music was blasting, and people were enjoying the games.















Check out the clear pinball machine - Kings and Queens I think.
It was hand made using clear Plexiglas - and it's an old EM so neat to see all the relays, coils, stepper-units and score reels




Check it out!!!










DJ Scott Danesi was rockin' the house!!!



Yeah, getting refills for my drink, or going for a bathroom break feels like hell.







But there we so many cool games it was worth it!
Here's another rare game I enjoyed.


HEY!! An amazing thing happened. Jacqui joined me Saturday night!!! And even more amazing - She had FUN! We knew we weren't driving anywhere - so no reason not to enjoy a few (many) adult beverages. Jacqui really enjoyed the Duran Duran cover band - and we both had fun catching up with folks we hadn't seen in a while.



Saturday night - Jacqui and I make our way through the party crowd



And hey - as of late Saturday, I was still #4 on Godzilla and WOOO - #2 on Zeppelin.




In the end it's all a blur




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