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I was worried that we wouldn't see many trick-or-treaters for Halloween this year. We had the Astros playing in the World Series, and it was raining from like, 3:00 to 5:00. But as I type this on Nov 3, I'm SO HAPPY to report that that Astros have WON THE WORLD SERIES, and the rain let up on Halloween night. So without further delay, here's my pics from Halloween 2017. I took a LOT - so Enjoy~!





After getting all the decorations set up, I take a few pictures.
It's not dark yet - so I play with these pics in my photo editor to give them that SPOOKY look.
....well, I try anyway.


















Hanging that skeleton in the spider web is more complicated than it looks.
The webbing alone is too weak to hold him, so I had to string a wire across the trees, then hang this guy from that.










Austin was meeting up with a group of his friends to go trick-or-treating.
Lauren had a friend over, and they did homework....I guess she's outgrown Halloween now.




But not me, I don't think I'll ever get too old to enjoy Halloween




Testing the fog machines.....









It was so nice having Jacqui sit outside with me all Halloween night...
...though it did make it a bit harder to scare the kids.





A little red wine for the wicked witch.










Ya know, it's hard to photograph fog....





....as you can see.



Is it dark yet - C'mon!!









We are ready




Austin and his crew are ready~!





For the young kids who come early, I keep my mask off



But once it gets dark....










Patiently waiting for my next victim - I mean guest.






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