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Our New Puppy - Reese!

I've given up using 'social media' long ago. However, Jacqui's still on there, and in September of this year she saw a Facebook post from the Missouri City animal shelter for a German Shepherd puppy named Reeses. She looked almost identical to Paris at that age, and so I decided to go ahead and visit her at the shelter to see if she would be a good fit with our family. Well, she was the SWEETEST thing! So, Jacqui and Austin came back with me and they both agreed. The last step in our 'approval' process was to have Reese (we dropped the last 's') mix with Paris and see if they got along OK. Of course, Paris is a sweetheart too - so everything went as good.

It wasn't long after that we received the e-mail saying we've been approved to take her home - and on Monday, September 28, 2020 we picked her up and brought her to her new home.


Reese's mugshot photo from when she was taken to the shelter.




The Missouri City Animal shelter took some cute pics!





Awwww, how could you not love that face??



She was bout 35 pounds when we got her - and she's gained at least 20 pounds since then,




Cute Baby!

CLICK HERE TO SEE VIDEO #1 - The first meeting between Reese and Paris




It only took a few days before Paris and Reese became inseparable.






Our first trip to the dog park




While they love our house and the dog park - there's no place they love more than being able to run free at our ranch


CLICK HERE TO SEE VIDEO #2 - Playing at the Ranch House


Eventually they wear out, and just relax and watch for deer to chase.




Always on the lookout...

CLICK HERE TO SEE VIDEO #3 - Playing at the barn in the evening sun



...and always ready for a ride in the truck!



They've learned to ride in the Polaris too!


CLICK HERE TO SEE VIDEO #4 - Playing on the porch of the ranch house


Just grillin' and chillin'




C'mon girls - we are going to fill the deer feeders.


CLICK HERE TO SEE VIDEO #5 - Playing in the open pasture part 1






This is my favorite picture of them so far.
And you can see how much weight Reese has gained - she's almost as heavy as Paris now.


CLICK HERE TO SEE VIDEO #6 - Playing in the open pasture part 2


Running along the creekbed





The dogs pretty much go wherever I go


CLICK HERE TO SEE VIDEO #7 - Playing in the open pasture part 3


Back at home where they can be lazy all day







Someone's looking sleepy











G'night Girls!




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