August 2000

08/22/00 2:27pm
It's Tuesday.  This past weekend I went to Austin to visit a couple old friends - one I've known since 2nd grade.  We went water skiing on Lake Travis and I got lots of pictures from the weekend.  Teaser pic below - the rest are right HERE.

Aus07.jpg (40343 bytes)

In other news, Jacqui and I are still awaiting the arrival of the baby.  Her morning/noon/night sickness seems to be getting better.  Although she never actually puked, she did come really close.  Enough to scare me a couple times.  Hehehe - once she grabbed her mouth like it was gonna spew between her fingers....but nope.    Anyway, Jacqui's next Dr. visit is less than a couple weeks away.  If we wanted (Jacqui does - I don't) we will be able to find out if it's a boy or girl.   Guess we'd better decide how we're gonna handle that before we come to blows in the Dr.'s office.  Bottom line - this is the most exciting thing to ever happen in my life.  I have honestly gotten dizzy thinking about it. 

08/09/00 5:28pm
FINALLY getting around to posting pics from the TJZ LAN 2000 - we had a BLAST and it shows! 

And now - for your viewing pleasure - some pictures I took at my parents place.

BBQ_5302_01.jpg (47339 bytes)
Ilonka, Trey, John and Noah enjoy the pool.



BBQ_5302_02.jpg (48122 bytes)
There were so many cameras - it was like a news conference.
Shelly watches as Aunt Mary gets ready to snap another.


BBQ_5302_03.jpg (69814 bytes)
Bill(s) wonder - where's the food?
Mom just takes more pictures.


BBQ_5302_04.jpg (50858 bytes)
OMG - he is SO CUTE!!!!


BBQ_5302_06.jpg (76447 bytes)
Bill gets ready to launch Trey downstream - Ilonka is ready to catch.
Mom captures the tumbling tot on film.  (ok - just kidding)


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