November 3, 2007 - It was a beautiful Saturday night. A perfect night to relax outside at Cabo's - on the patio, enjoying some cold beer, chips and salsa.  Then, a short walk to see Blue October play at Verison.  When Jacqui asked me to get tickets for this show, I really wasn't too excited.  But, I was pleasantly surprised, as Blue October put on a good show. Scroll down a bit and check out the video clip I took - not bad for my little camera, but I need to get a bigger memory card.


A quick self portrait before the show...... smile!
































Here is the 25 second vid clip that I took....

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Independently Happy
Shes My Ride Home
What If We Could
Sound of Pulling Heaven Down
Balance Beam
Let It Go
Calling You
Drill a Wire
Into the Ocean
X Amount of Words

Breakfast After 10
You Make Me Smile
18th Floor Balcony
Italian Radio
Hate Me



...and finally, here are some other videos and pics I snagged from the net:

Blue October Performing "Drilled A Wire Through My Cheek" Live


Blue October Performing "Hate Me" Live In Houston, Tx


This guy got some GREAT pics - here's the original thread on the Blue October forum.














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