1:30-2:05 - Theory of a Deadman
1:00-1:30 - Red
2:35-3:20 - Finger Eleven
2:05-2:35 - Billy Talent
3:50-4:35 - Chevelle
3:20-3:50 - Sick Puppies
5:05-5:55 - Puddle of Mudd
4:35-5:05 - Story of the Year
6:25-7:20 - Seether
5:55-6:25 - Atreyu
7:50-9:05 - My Chemical Romance
7:20-7:50 - 10 Years
9:35-10:50 - 3 Doors Down
9:05-9:35 - Filter


BUZZFEST - WoooHooo!!! Unfortunately, Jacqui couldn't join us, as she already had tickets to the 'Sip and Stroll'.  But, that was the only disappointment of the day, as everything else was awesome. It was a GREAT day, and we had a BLAST~!  We got there much earlier than usual. The gates opened at noon, and we showed up around 12:45 - just in time to see Red on the side stage.

Oh yeah, I took a TON of video! There are 21 clips on this page - ENJOY!

The girls stop for a beer before RED

VIDEO CLIP #1 - Rod Ryan, Mark, Jessica, and Theresa open the show


After Red, we made our way to the main stage to see Theory of a Deadman. This was one of the bands that Amy really wanted to see, and they were pretty good.







Amy and I enjoy the show.



A view from the hill ....which brings me to...


Since Jacqui wasn't with me, I spent my free time snapping a few pics of the scenery.  Here's a few of the Buzzfest babes that I saw - Enjoy!



This pic borrowed from The Buzz







This pic borrowed from The Buzz







...and of course, I think these two are Buzzfest Babe's as well.

Finger Eleven was next - and by this time I was feeling pretty good. After all, it doesn't get much better than spending a nice day at Buzzfest, enjoying the sights, watching all those great bands and drinking beer with friends. God Bless America!  Well, let me tell you what happened. I had planned to film almost all of Seether (they are my favorite band right now), and I figured I had plenty of disk space on my camera. So I was filming away all day. Obviously, I took way too much, because during Seether's 1st song I ran out of space. OMG!!  So, I went back and deleted all of the Finger Eleven video's in order to make room for Seether. If you're a big Finger Eleven fan - sorry 'bout that. They really did put on a good show. I especially enjoyed when they mixed in some Led Zeppelin during 'Paralizer'....and I had it on video...for a while anyway...



We are ready for Chevelle!

I had been wondering when BigRob and Monica would show up.
When I received the cell phone pic above - I laughed out loud - and knew they had arrived.


They're here!!


VIDEO CLIP #4 - Chevelle performs 'Family System'

VIDEO CLIP #5 - Chevelle performs 'Vitamin R (Leading us Along)'

VIDEO CLIP #6 - Chevelle performs 'Send the Pain Below'

VIDEO CLIP #7 - Chevelle performs 'The Clincher'


Brian and Amy enjoy a break between bands.



I'm surrounded by Buzzfest Babes!!


VIDEO CLIP #8 - Puddle of Mudd performs 'Away from Me'

VIDEO CLIP #9 - Puddle of Mudd performs 'Famous' - and I am attacked by my friends during this song   :)


VIDEO CLIP #10 - Puddle of Mudd performs 'Psycho'

VIDEO CLIP #11 - Puddle of Mudd performs 'Blurry'

VIDEO CLIP #12 - Puddle of Mudd performs 'She Hates Me'





Stephen and his new girlfriend - yet another Buzzfest Babe!


BigRob is big pimping for the big show.



S  E  E  T  H  E  R !!

As I mentioned, Seether is my favorite band at the moment. This is my 5th time to see them, and I REALLY wanted to record the entire set. Well, about a minute into the 1st song, I see that my memory card is full. AHHHH - CRAP!!! So I quickly deleted all the Finger Eleven video.  I had completely forgotten I'd even taken any Theory of a Deadman video, or I would have deleted that too. Oh well, I made enough room to get some decent clips.

VIDEO CLIP #13 - Seether opens with 'No Jesus Christ' ....and my camera's memory card fills up - NOOOOO!!!!

VIDEO CLIP #14 - 'No Jesus Christ' continued.....

VIDEO CLIP #15 - The girls try to take a pic while the camera is in movie mode - LOL!!!

VIDEO CLIP #16 - Seether performs 'Needles'

Needles is perhaps my favorite song, and I wasn't happy with the video I was getting - also - hearing it motivated me - to move closer....and closer... all the way to Row G.

VIDEO CLIP #17 - Seether performs 'Truth''

VIDEO CLIP #18 - Seether performs 'Gasoline''

VIDEO CLIP #19 - Seether performs 'Broken'

VIDEO CLIP #20 - Seether performs 'Fake It'

VIDEO CLIP #21 - Seether closes with 'Remedy'


P.S.   I did stay for My Chemical Romance, but mostly chatted with friends around the beer/food area, and relaxed on the lawn. I was spent, and decided to bail early. I did get to hear Filter from the side stage as I was leaving...loved it...

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