Tuesday, July 22, 2008 at the Houston Toyota Center - CRUE FEST!   I had a GREAT time at this show - it was a BLAST!!   ...but I paid for it the next day. Anyway, the evening started with a few pre-show drinks, as we all gathered at the BUS bar.

...not a bad looking group!



VIDEO CLIP #1 - Sixx AM - "Life is Beautiful"

Would you rather see another blurry picture of Sixx AM - or these beautiful women?
....yep, me too.



Chicks  =  Trouble

I've seen Papa Roach a few times, and I'm always impressed. They put on a great show...but it's almost impossible to get good pics of the lead singer - he moves around so much!

VIDEO CLIP #2 - Papa Roach -"Time Is Running Out"

VIDEO CLIP #3 - Papa Roach -"Forever"

VIDEO CLIP #4 - Papa Roach - "Last Resort"


Do I look happy?
...you know I was!


VIDEO CLIP #5 - Buckcherry - "Too Drunk"

VIDEO CLIP #6 - Buckcherry - "Sorry"


Just a couple more pics between bands....


...and then it was time for Motley Crue! Yep, good ol' 80's metal made a strong comeback at the Toyota Center. The Crue really did rock the house.. (with the exception of that one song where they had technical trouble) But aside from that, it was a fun show.


VIDEO CLIP #7 - Motley Crue - "Kick Start my Heart"

VIDEO CLIP #8 - Motley Crue - "Shout at the Devil"

VIDEO CLIP #9 - Motley Crue - "Primal Scream"

VIDEO CLIP #10 - Motley Crue - "Girls, Girls, Girls"


VIDEO CLIP #11 - "Motley Crue - Dr. Feelgood"



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