Friday night party!!!  First, a few chips, salsa and cervesa at El Patio, then it was off to Verizon for the show. Who are we seeing this evening? Well, it's a band called Bullet for my Valentine. .....Honestly, I didn't really know much about 'em - but it was a Friday night party!!



The mandatory pic of the girls just before the show



And we're off!!!
It was good old school metal - reminded me a little bit of Judas Priest with a touch of Metalica.


WoooHooo!!! ...we even had a little mosh pit action!

VIDEO #1 - Bullet for my Valentine



Amy decided that we were going up front....



....but Jacqui bailed out about half way in, just as it started to get crowded (and a bit rowdy).



...Amy and I make our way forward. ....

...and eventually, we were right up there - front and center.


VIDEO #2 - Bullet for my Valentine








I really did have fun at this show.




It wasn't that bad up front - we helped a few crowd surfers on their way - and even I played in the pit a little - hehehe.




VIDEO #3 - Bullet for my Valentine


Ewwwwww, I'm all sweaty....



"Thank you Houston - Goodnight!"


After the show, we headed up to ROC BAR


OMG, that tequila shot was HUGE!



...but I was lovin' it!


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