CREED with RED and Theft - 2010/09/04

Even though we saw Creed when they came through Houston last September, tickets for this show were less than $30 for covered reserve - and the show was on a Saturday night. So Jacqui and I snagged a couple. It was like a 'date night' - we went to Pappadeaux before the show... OMG, we were so stuffed, we almost didn't make it to the concert. OK, showing my age again...

When I got my tickets for this show, clearly printed right below CREED was 'No cameras/No recorder' I was a bit nervous bringing in my new camera. I swear, security getting in was tighter than most airports I've been through. The guy with the metal detector wand went over every inch of me...but no worries - we made it in, grabbed a couple beers and headed to our seats. After a while, I noticed LOTS of people with cameras, and security never seemed to mind...whatever. Bottom line - we really enjoyed the show, and I managed to get some pretty good pics, and some AMAZING video.

Pappadeaux - YUMM!!
...and doesn't Jacqui look awesome!




OK, let's start the show!




The opening band was 'Theft' - and they were surprisingly good.





....I'm still amazed at the pics I can get with my new camera - we were back in row R all the way on the right side.





Taking a break between bands...





Notice how they blocked off a huge part of the lawn. It had rained earlier, and I guess they didn't want it becoming a mud pit.
I can't say for sure, but I think they opened it up when Creed came on.





RED has opened for Seether and also played Buzzfest - I think this is my 3rd time to see 'em.















CLICK HERE to see Red perform 'Let Go'


















CLICK HERE to see Creed perform 'Torn'















CLICK HERE to see Creed perform 'Torn' (part2)



























































OK - so they guy behind us says 'the next song is What If - blow up these balloons' - and he hands us a bunch of black balloons. of course, we blow 'em up, and send 'em flying - weeee!! ...Silly concert fun.


CLICK HERE to see Creed perform 'What If'












CLICK HERE to see Creed perform 'One'











CLICK HERE to see Creed perform 'What's This Life For?'









CLICK HERE to see Creed perform 'My Sacrifice'










CLICK HERE to see Creed perform 'Higher'












CLICK HERE to see Creed perform 'Higher' (part 2)






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