When I heard the lineup for Buzzfest 25, I knew we would go. I had been waiting for Godsmack to visit Houston in support their new album. And of course, I'm not going to miss Seether. That, plus Filter, Finger Eleven, Papa Roach and Bush - what an awesome show!

I figured it would sell out pretty quickly, so I was on-line ready to get tickets as soon as they were available. I managed to get six seats in the center section, row EE - just to the right of the sound board. After getting those tickets, I was curious to see how fast it would sell out, so I kept checking for tickets - and imagine my surprise when a PIT TICKET came up. In the pit for Seether and Godsmack - HELL YEAH~!~!

One thing is for sure, when you're in the pit, you can get some AMAZING pictures and video. The only disappointment is that when you are that close, the mix is not as good. I especially noticed this during Seether's set. Troy's amp was right in front of me, and it almost drowned out everything else - making it hard to hear Shaun's vocals. Also, my poor little digi-cam just could not handle the sound that close. So while the video looks awesome from the pit - the sound quality is not that good.

Since I only had one pit ticket, I kept moving back and forth between the pit and our seats. Why? Well, my wife would not have been happy if I had abandoned her for the entire show. Besides, it was kinda nice to change perspectives every now and then.

One last thing I should mention - because I got SO MANY excellent pics, it was hard for me to trim down the content for this page. I tried, but there are still WAY more pictures on this page than I would normally post for a concert. So please be patient while everything loads.....

F i n g e r     E l e v e n














It took a bit longer than I had hoped for Jacqui and I to get the kids dropped off and get to the show. I wanted to get there early enough to see Filter, but that didn't happen - we heard them playing 'Hey Man Nice Shot' as we were walking in. The rest of our crew showed up in the middle of Finger Eleven's set. As I was passing the tickets to them through the gate, I noticed Seether were signing autographs....so I had to snag a couple pics.





Then, it was back to the pit for the rest of Finger Eleven's set.







CLICK HERE for VIDEO #1 - Finger Eleven - Paralyzer





Here's a couple pics of our crew before Papa Roach hit the stage.






P A P A      R O A C H









There is no doubt - Papa Roach puts on an AWESOME show~!
Jacoby Shaddix has more energy than any lead singer I've seen.





CLICK HERE for VIDEO #2 - Papa Roach!

























CLICK HERE for VIDEO #3 - Papa Roach - Getting away with Murder










A panoramic shot of the crowd - click here for full size
















VIDEO #4 - Papa Roach - Last Resort (Jacoby takes a cold shower)









S E E T H E R !










For me, Seether ranks among the best rock bands. There's something very compelling in Shaun Morgan's delivery and performances. The man can sing.

Papa Roach is a hard act to follow - no doubt. But for me, this was the highlight of the show. Being in the pit for Seether...awesome. I would ROCK OUT for a couple songs, then pull out the camera for a few pics. Ok, maybe more than a few. But OMG, I couldn't help it - I was getting so many incredible pictures. .....so please excuse me for posting an obscene amount of pics here.













VIDEO #5 - SEETHER - Fine Again (a short clip)






















VIDEO #6 - SEETHER - Fine Again (...the end of the song..)




















VIDEO #7 - SEETHER - Driven Under (the entire song..yeah baby!)




















VIDEO #8 - SEETHER - Needles (one of my favorite songs)
























VIDEO #9 - SEETHER - Fake It (with extended jam)




















VIDEO #10 - SEETHER - Remedy (pt 1)



























VIDEO #11 - SEETHER - Remedy (end of set)




...and then it was time for...




This was my first time to see Bush, and I was pleasantly surprised. Scott kept telling me that Gavin really could sing. He was right. And of course, the girls couldn't stop talking about how hot he was. ...or something like that. Anyway, I will say they sounded great. Having seats right next to the sound board helps. If you watch the video, the sound for Bush is really good.

























Rod Ryan introduces.....



G O D S M A C K ! !






























CLICK HERE to see VIDEO #15 - GODSMACK - Alive





























CLICK HERE to see VIDEO #17 - GODSMACK - I Stand Alone





















CLICK HERE to see VIDEO #18 - GODSMACK - I Stand Alone (the end)





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