February 2000

02/29/00 4:24pm

How weird is that date?   ...2/29/00.   Remember, this was supposed to be another 'bad date' in the whole Y2K bug thing.  Right.  Well how are ya?  Things with me have been going GRREAT!   As you can see - I just returned from skiing at Crested Butte.  Beautiful mountain.  ...and lots of good skiing.  The whole family went - Dad, bro, our spouses - and even little Trey.   Only 6 months old and already hitting the slopes.  Well, kinda.  Gotta give mucho thanx to my folks for organizing and paying for most of the trip.   I did manage to get everyone there and back on the corporate jet.  Mom, Dad, Jacqui and I got bumped up to 1st class on the way there.  Bill, Ilonka and Trey had to ride in coach because of their buddy pass class...bummer.   Getting back was not as easy - I wasn't sure we were going to all make the flight - but they managed to find room for us (coach class sux).

The skiing was AWESOME.  Thursday was a little warm - but sunny and lots of packed powder - very little ice and a good base.  I spent the morning with Jacqui, 'helping' her get the courage to conquer the bunny slope -and finally the 'big lifts'.  She'd never been on a chair lift before!  Friday it snowed ALL DAY.  I made a couple runs but it was miserably cold, wet and near impossible to see anything.  Funny thing - Jacqui actually skied longer than any of us that day.  A testament to my superior teaching skills I'm sure.   Saturday was ...a gift from the ski gods - sunny with new snow.  Devin and Sally drove to Crested Butte and joined us - maybe they brought the good weather?   Whatever - we were thrilled to have it.  Devin and I took off and hit the hard slopes...blues and blacks.  It was great to have ya there Dev - for the company - but also because it allowed me to challenge slopes I normally wouldn't alone.

Couple Misc. things.....St. Frag-rick's day LAN party is coming!!  Yes, that's right - AND - jeez I almost forgot the SAFARI PARTY!! Pictures from both those will be up within a couple weeks.   Also, I've been asked to be Webmaster of the Gig-O-Rama website.  That's a pretty kewl thing in my book.  ...also - I guess I'm going to go ahead and put some captions on the Crested Butte Pics....liven things up in there.  If you read this far - I'm amazed....seems like I could write something like...I KILLED JFK and no one would be the wiser.

02/28/00 2:52am

I'm tired.   It's late.    posting pics of skiing is less fun than skiing.

02/20/00 2:30pm

Yesterday was the Gib-O-Rama.   I posted a bunch of pics and screenshots on the Quake Stuff page.  Go check it out!

02/17/00 3:48pm

I've re-arranged the site a little - added the 'Picture Index' page.  That was the result of my brother's suggestion, so thanx Bill.  In other news - the day after tomorrow is the GIB-O-RAMA.  I'm going to try to remember to take my camera and get some pics to post - for all you 'newbies' who wonder what a real LAN party looks like.

AND - most exciting of all - the Crested Butte ski trip is coming SOON!    

02/13/00 1:38pm

The LaStrada party pics have arrived!  These were taken Sunday, Feb 6 at Julie's surprise B-day party.  It's funny how the pics go from being pretty tame (sober) to ...umm....not so tame.

ls01.jpg (62958 bytes)
Tame Tame Tame - the drinks have just arrived


ls02.jpg (47924 bytes)
This is Jacqui's natural happiness - she wasn't drinking this day.


ls03.jpg (79576 bytes)
No, that's not our limo back there - but we're getting happier anyway.


ls04.jpg (56961 bytes)
Ask the birthday girl how she got that pretty hat.


ls05.jpg (58501 bytes)
Always some interesting faces at LaStrada brunch.   Hmmm, matching hats.


ls06.jpg (63684 bytes)
Ken says "gimme three more - I can handle it!"


ls07.jpg (64197 bytes)
Gosh, those drinks are so colorful - we should all have one - YEAH!


ls13.jpg (60808 bytes)
The Blues Sisters - "We're on a mission from God"


ls14.jpg (53970 bytes)
Julie and Carmen shout at each other over the music,
and I'm just a little too excited to have a full drink - no you can't buy it from me.


ls15.jpg (64050 bytes)
This is just scary


ls11.jpg (66144 bytes)
Go Ken GO!!!   Sunday brunch at LaStrada is FUN!!!


02/08/00 7:01pm

We had a surprise party for Julie this weekend - at LaStrada.  Sunday brunch with bottomless momosas.  You can just write off the rest of the day after partying at LaStrada Sunday afternoon.  As soon as I get the pics from that wild day - you know I'll post 'em.  Till then - here are a few more Cancun pics - thanks Julie & Ken!

c30.jpg (62611 bytes)
I want to go back to Cancun - and spend another day just like this!!!!


c22.jpg (50317 bytes)
  ...and this....


c31.jpg (74267 bytes)
....or just relax on the beach.....


c32.jpg (65783 bytes)
Our last night in Cancun, might as well have some steak and lobster - with beer of course.

01/31/00 5:18pm (..and yes, I posted on this page a day early because January 2000 was getting too big with the *NEW* Paris pics, Gib-O-Rama AND X-mas pics - so go ahead - call the Web Police on me!)

Party Pics from CANCUN !     Yeah baby YEAH! 
Jacqui, Julie, Ken and I went to Cancun, Mexico this past weekend.  One of the most exciting things of the whole trip was just GETTING TO THE AIRPORT!  I'm lazy and waited until about 30 minutes before we're supposed to leave to pack my bags.  No problem - we'll take the tollway - pay a buck and avoid traffic.  We're still on schedule then - OOPS - missed our exit.  Ok - no prob - we're close - just get off at the next exit.  Well - there ain't no turning around on the beltway there....so we find ourselves wandering around the backroads of North Houston - with the airport in sight - I mean you can't miss those BIG ASS planes!  But we can't seem to actually GET TO THE AIRPORT!  Finally, after stopping for directions (yes - men can do that) we get there.

YAAHOOO! - we made it to the airport.   And man - it was close - with about 30 minutes till the plane leaves we finally find a parking spot and rush with our bags into the terminal.  We ask the first guy in a uniform "where's the FunJet check-in?"  You know what he says - "That's terminal A - you are in terminal C - you need to go downstairs - get on the train...past terminal B....."      OH MY GOD!!  We start to run.

FINALLY we get to the check in.   I'm so rushed - I dump my bags off and start to head for the jet when the lady asks me "Where Are You GOING?"
I say I'm going to CANCUN!  "Not without checking-in with me first you're not!"

C1.jpg (71926 bytes)
She assured us that we would not miss our flight - and was VERY nice.


C2.jpg (86743 bytes)
We Made it!  You can see Julie and Ken at the front of the pack.


c3.jpg (61102 bytes)
Ken, if you don't wipe that smile off your face we'll never get through Immigration/Customs.

I don't know why - but right after getting into Mexico our camera stopped working.  So - Ken&Julie - I need pictures from Thursday - the PARTY BUS ($1 Coronas) - the Beach! ...and any other good pics y'all took.  I didn't buy a camera until the next day - Friday morning at the Cancun markets. 

c4.jpg (69901 bytes)
Free Tequila - No kidding - help yourself!
I will never look at shopping the same.


c5.jpg (64045 bytes)
Something about that look scares me....where's my wallet?


c6.jpg (90516 bytes)
Stay away from these hombres!


c7.jpg (68083 bytes)
Our Hotel behind us.  We're done shopping and READY FOR THE BEACH!


c8.jpg (66054 bytes)
Ain't they cute!


c9.jpg (65974 bytes)
The view from our Hotel room window.  This pic doesn't do justice to the real thing.


c12.jpg (88670 bytes)
Strip poker!!


c13.jpg (91027 bytes)
Is it the drinks - or am I really seeing double?


c14.jpg (81604 bytes)
The next morning (Saturday), we boarded the boat for our BOOZE CRUISE to Isla Mujeres.
c15.jpg (55157 bytes)


c16.jpg (78342 bytes)
That's our boat - the blue one - docked at our first stop at Isla Mujeres.
I took this pic from a little boat headed out to the reef for some snorkeling.


c17.jpg (53930 bytes)
The fish were NOT afraid of drowning.


c18.jpg (56796 bytes)
Look closely - can you see the shark?


c19.jpg (47285 bytes)
After snorkeling, I enjoy some cold beer on the Isla Mujeres beach.
Just behind me - Julie and Ken snuggle in the sun.


c21.jpg (47084 bytes)
"Look how BLUE the water is"


c23.jpg (69925 bytes)
"Look how TASTY this beer is"


c24.jpg (73972 bytes)
We avoided the crowds at the shops....and found this nice cantina on the beach.


c27.jpg (47213 bytes)
The sun is setting on our last night in Cancun.   What should we do?


c28.jpg (82419 bytes)
Good Idea!


If you've got some neat pics - send 'em my way PLEASE!

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