July 2000

07/24/00 2:43pm
...it's been an exciting month.   In addition to the news below - this past weekend was the TJZ LAN PARTY! Pictures, screenshots and details of the party can be found on the Tejaz Clan LAN page.

07/05/00 2:43pm
Wow!  <long pause>   I don't know what to say or how ...rather than sit here forever looking for the right words...I'm just going to put it down letter by letter. 

J a c q u i   i s   p r e g n a n t.

<another very long pause as I sit back and re-read the above>

We found out yesterday.  She had her suspicions - so she bought a pregnancy test - and yeah - there was no mis-reading that one.  Clear as clear could be.  ...at first Jacqui thought maybe she was reading it wrong - and brought it to me along with the instruction sheet....I was like - Oh My GOD!  ...[PHEWwwwwww]   ok - so she re-took the test (there were 2 in the box) - and the result was the same.  At this point it sorta ...almost...began to feel real.  We are going to be PARENTS.  Mom and Dad kinda parents.  wow....

We s-s-spent (sorry) July 4th at my parents.  It was funny - at one point my mom was talking about getting the Family Portrait done, and proposed October as the date.  In doing so she said "unless someone gets pregnant again".  (jeez this is a long story - but basically we postponed doing this before because Ilonka (my brother's wife) was pregnant last time - and my mom didn't want to have the picture taken then (which I've given her a hard time about))  ANYWAY....Jacqui and I just looked at each other and said "welllll".....at which point Jacqui turned bright red. 

Well, you know - that box could have been defective.  Nevermind those things are 99% accurate - we could have gotten one of those bad 1%'ers.  So later that day after getting the folks all excited with the news - on our way home we stopped off and bought another test.  A completely different test.  ....but same results.  No mis-reading it - big and bright.

SO - phew...I just got off the phone with my honey - and we're both just freaking out.  Talking about how we're going to afford this and that and...looks like the 300ZX is soon to be gone...sniff....  but hey ...honestly.....I'm ok with it.  ....a child OMG!!

See the time - I'm such a slow writer...  37 minutes  to type a couple paragraphs....ok - maybe my mind is wandering a bit now...seeing as how I'm going to be a DAD and all....(AHHH!!!)

OK - enough baby BS - I want to show you folks something:

hitbox01.jpg (52821 bytes)

This is what happens when you get your page linked on the HardOCPLook above at my average hits per month - I'm lucky if I break 500.  Then look at June - 7,372!  ..and the amazing part is this:

hitbox02.jpg (81167 bytes)

4,663 hits in ONE DAY with 577 people viewing the site in one HOUR.  Another interesting screenshot - sure most of the 7,000 people were from the US.  But check out all the other countries too - people from ALL OVER THE WORLD!  (yes - the internet is an amazing thing Brad).

hitbox03.jpg (109119 bytes)


All this came about because of this post on Kyle's page.  Notice he mentions my web server went down - so there probably would have been even MORE hits had I been able to keep it up constantly - I'm guessing I would have easily hit the 10,000 mark.  Yes, I'm looking for a new web hosting service - so if you have any suggestions - send 'em my way.    Oh yeah, the Hooters Girls pictures can still be found - right HERE.

hocp.jpg (91070 bytes)


FINALLY - if that ain't enough for ya - I've also posted some pics from the 1st Annual Clan TEXAS Quake BBQ!

Click Here!