March 2000

03/30/99 6:28pm
I have been working on everyone's web site but my own.  To see what I mean - here's the Gib-O-Rama page - I am webmaster there.  And here is the Tejaz Clan page - were I share co-webmaster duties.   ...sigh...   I've been very busy lately.  Lots of changes at work too....My group was moved into another department.   So I've got a new boss - and you know what that means.  I've got to start sucking up all over again.  Naaa..actually I think it will be a good move in the long's just hectic right now.  Jacqui and I have been semi-planning one trip or another for the past serveral weeks - just can't seem to finalize any plans.  We're talking about skiing again, maybe going to Hawaii, maybe to Germany, maybe to Paris....   Maybe I need a nap. 

NO SLEEP FOR YOU!!  ...this Friday night we're going to an Astros game in the new Enron field.  That should be neat.   And Saturday we are running a 5K marathon (about 3miles).  Wish me luck.    THEN...the next weekend is the Gib-O-Rama!! assured I'll have pics and a good write up.  C;ya later!

03/23/00 2:57pm
I've posted the screenshots from the St.Frag-rick's day LAN party.  Go HERE to take a look.

03/20/00 8:46am
OK - I just finished posting the pictures from the St. Frag-rick's day LAN party.  ...if you want to see what a bunch of geeks do in their spare time - take a look.

03/11/00 3:38pm
It's been a while since I've posted any Tejaz screenshoots.   ....we can't have that now, can we?  Go to the Quake page for that.

03/09/00 2:15pm
Wow, I just noticed my hit counter - over 2000 hits!  ...hmmm.  I still think most of them are me.  I dunno - maybe not. ;-)

Hey - go check out the Gib-o-Rama site.  I'm webmaster over there - and I just published the 'new' version.

03/06/00 5:29pm
The Safari Party was WILD!  Micci, Mark, Susan and Terry put on a great party!  The pics are posted below - and hey - I also posted a few more Crested Butte pictures too.

Jacqui and I were supposed to get there early - but we were a little behind schedule (suprise).  Buy the time we got there - they were getting ready to open the Tequila - thanx Christy!  Not wanting to miss out, I almost didn't get these pix until Jacqui yells from the kitchen "Brad get a picture of the Tequila shots!"   ...what a great wife.

sp01.jpg (72705 bytes)
Go Rima!  Go Micci!   ...My - what a big shot glass you have Micci.



sp03.jpg (61781 bytes)
One of the best things about a Safari Party are the costumes - Ken and Rob will agree.


sp04.jpg (68051 bytes)
Mark the Cabana Boy , Great White Hunter Tom and PJ the Beautiful Butterfly.
(That's one happy Cabana Boy.)


sp06.jpg (85642 bytes)
(Yes, I shaved especially for the party - Jacqui loved it and begged me to keep it)

There are more Safari Party pics below - but I just have to say - I really had a great time.  Many, many thanx to Micci for the great food and decorations.  And EXtra Special thanx to Mark for the GREAT music,  disco lasers, party lights, dance floor (must have gotten trashed), and even more decorations.  At some point after these ouside pictures were taken - the police arrived.  I don't have any pictures of that because - well....I tried to stay as far away as possible. 

sp08.jpg (57943 bytes)
The Safari Party spills outside....


sp07.jpg (60348 bytes)
Don't shoot!           ;-)


sp10.jpg (80866 bytes)
Micci startles her guests - don't ask me how.


sp12.jpg (73423 bytes)
Why can't I be that happy?


sp13.jpg (35435 bytes)
Hold on tight -she could fly away


sp14.jpg (56555 bytes)
Everyone showing off their prizes


sp16.jpg (48209 bytes)
You owe me a BIG favor Rima!


sp17.jpg (50373 bytes)
Pimp & Ho

03/04/00 8:57am
Tonight is the Safari Party!  I should get plenty of interesting pictures.    ...nothing like a bunch of drunks making fools of themselves to keep you entertained.  ALSO, on March 18, I will be hosting St. Frag-ricks's day LAN party!  I've got 15 people confirmed at this point so it should be a full house!

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